Basic Rules

Central rules for Aluminium of Bahrain (Alba) employee’s union

Chapter (1)

Union name and location

Subject (1)

Following the royal decree number (33) for 2002 organizing the occupational unions and dependent on subject 27 and 28 of the kingdom constitution- Item 5- first session of Bahrain Charter and in compliance with Arabic Treaty number 8 and international treaties number 87 and 9 in regards to rights union freedom and faction negotiations, Alba Labour Union was established on Saturday 05.10.200.

Subject (2)

Union headquarter is located in Aluminium of Bahrain company and it can open additional offices within the company premises or any other location.

Chapter (2)

Union objectives

Subject (3)

  1. Represent all employees in front of the company, Official authorities and all other organizations.
  2. Enhance the social and financial standards of the employees, enhance their working conditions and protect their rights and achievements.
  3. Establish charity funds with regards of the Union’s central rules to assist the members and any other necessary issues.
  4. Establish cooperative consumer societies, kindergartens and housing, medical, entertainment and cultural projects in association with respective authorities.
  5. To protect the members in cases of unemployment, sickness, and disability, offering medical, social and educational services and offering contributions in case of death.
  6. Protect female employees rights, equalizing them with male employees in regards to work and laws, aim to offer circumstances enabling their continual of work specially in case of delivery and feeding without affecting their baby of children by the means of medical insurance and kindergartens and insuring the feeding hour and vocations for pregnancy and delivery.
  7. Enhance the working condition and clauses, labour laws and labour contracts.
  8. Enhance the labour’ occupational efficiencies aligned with Bahrainization policies.
  9. Increase the labour awareness and amend the current perceptives that refuse some sorts of work.
  10. Resist racism and discrimination.
  11. Protect all the rights covered by the laws for all employees.

Chapter (3)

Member’s rights

Subject (4)

Union member is eligible to facilitate all aids, social, cultural, occupational and financial services and any benefits offered to the members aligned with Chapter (2) including:

  1. Achieving basic services in cooperation with respective authorities and achieving comprehensive social insurance especially against unemployment, sickness, disability and death.
  2. Attempting to offer necessary donations in cases of sickness, marriage, treatment, studying etc.
  3. Benefiting the cooperative societies through a plan aiming to enhance the social and financial standards.
  4. Increasing the strength of social relations by means of arranging journeys and family activities for member’s families.
  5. Attempting to secure the high education for member’s children.

Chapter (4)


Subject (5)

Membership conditions

All employees are eligible to join the union according to the following rules:

  1. Should be employed by Alba or any of its branches.
  2. Should be greater than 18 years old.
  3. Should be a member of other labour unions or any organization conflicting with union’s interests.
  4. Should not be of the executive management who are responsible for planning employer’s strategic policies.

Subject (6)

Membership conditions for other union’s members.

Other occupational union member is eligible for comprehensive Alba Union membership except of being a union board member. In case the board member joint other union, he should be considered withdrawn.

Subject (6)

Membership application conditions

1. Application form should be fully filled and submitted to the secretary and it will be presented to board and membership card will be issued.

2. no application should be refused except with the agreement of the majority of the board with a written declaration of the reasons.

3. when a membership is refused, employee can submit his grievance to the union general committee in its first following meeting. The general committee is to take the final decision to accept or refuse the application.

Subject (8)

Retired member

1. Retired member can still hold his membership if he continue to pay the membership fees.

2. Retired member is not eligible for election nor contesting for board of the union.

Chapter (5)

Membership termination

Subject (9)

Will be dismissed from the union by a decision of its board every member who was proven to offend this central law specially if:

1. Stopped reimbursing the membership fees for continues three months without providing reasonable excuses after being notified in written.

2. Assaulting union’s reputation, muckraking the union or any member without prove or encourage members to withdraw from the union.

3. If any membership conditions in this law was dropped or conduct any activities affecting the unions or its benefits and activities.

Subject (10)

Membership will be immediately terminated as soon as his services are expired in the company unless he was terminated arbitrarily.

Subject (11)

Member will not be dismissed except after an investigation by the union board. The member has the right to submit all evidences to defend him self. The termination should be agreed on by the majority of the board.

Subject (12)

Dismissed member has the right to greave the decision in the first general committee meeting. The general committee has the right to take the final decision.

Subject (13)

Union board will notify the dismissed member of his dismissal in written within 15 days of the decision. He should satisfy all his obligations to the union.

Subject (14)

Every member has the right to willingly withdraw. He will be appealed only for his fees or loans until the day of withdrawal. In case of death, his heredities are not permitted to appeal any membership fees or any other contributions acquiesced to the union.

Chapter (6)

Union treasury

Subject (15)

Union treasury consists of:

  1. Membership registration and annual fees reimbursed by the members.
  2. Registration fee is BD2 only paid once when registering or reregistering to the union.
  3. Membership fee is BD1 every accountant period (Every four weeks).
  4. The board has the right to suggest any other fees if necessary, which will be applicable only with the approval of general committee.
  5. Any other contributions, donations or unconditional gifts approved by the board.
  6. Earnings from social, financial, cultural and sport activities conducted by the union.
  7. Internists of projects practiced by the union that do not conflict Chapter (2).

Subject (16)

The union will invests its assets in projects and investments with secured success and benefit and do not conflict with all rules and regulations.

Subject (17)

Union will deposit the fund assets in nation Bahraini banks under the union name with a decision of the board. When labour banks are available, they will be privileged.

Subject (18)

  1. Union funds can be nay withdrawn according to the chapters and subjects included in this law.
  2. In no means the union has the right to abandon any part of its fund assets though it has the right to contribute portion of it according to this law.

Subject (19)

Accountant year starts on 1st of January and ends on 31st of December every year. The union budget should be approved by a legal accounting auditor.

Subject (20)

If the union is dismantled for any reason, the fund assets will be departed to General Union of Bahrain Labour Unions until it is assembled again.

Subject (21)

If extraordinary circumstances impeded the general committee to assemble on its regular appointments, the previous budget will be followed until the committee is assembled and new budget is approved.

Chapter (7)

General Committee

Subject (22)

General committee consists of all members who compensated annual fees until the date of the assembly. It authorised power to manage union issues.

Subject (23)

General committee will regularly assemble once every year within the first quarter of the year by an invitation of the board.

Subject (24)

General committee can extraordinary assemble if it was requested by the majority (Half + 1) at least or according to the well of the majority of the union board.

The union board will invite the general committee to assemble within maximum period of two weeks after identifying all the matters and subjects to be discussed in the assembly. The committee shall assemble automatically if it was invited by the board within that period.

Subject (25)

Ordinary and extraordinary assembly should be considered factual if it was attended by the majority of the members (Half+ 1). If the stature is not complete after one hour of the assembly appointment, it shall postpone for maximum period of two weeks. Subsequently the assembly should be considered factual if the structure is not less than 25 % of the members. If the stature is not complete after one hour of the assembly appointment, it shall postpone for maximum period of two weeks. In that case the assembly should be considered factual if the structure is not less than 10 % of the members or it should be postpone for two week.

Subject (26)

Decisions decided by the union general committee are considered final stipulation that they do not conflict with the central rules. All decisions should be agreed on by the majority of the general committee members attending except for the case requires special majority.

Subject (27)

No member is allowed to deputise any other general committee member or any individual to attend the committee meetings.

Subject (28)

Non-general committee members are not allowed to attend the meeting, though the union can consign any experienced or technical employees provided that his opinion is for consultation.

Subject (29)

The ordinary general committee will converse:

  1. Union board report for the previous period.
  2. General budget report, final settlement report for the year, next year budget that should be prepared according to the financial accounting standards. The board shall approve all the reports prior to submitting them to the general committee.
  3. Confer reports and suggestions submitted to the board before at least one week.
  4. Decide on grievances submitted by denied or dismissed individuals.

Subject (30)

The extraordinary general committee will converse:

  1. Amendments to he union central rules with the approval of at least two thirds of the attendees. General union for Bahrain lobar unions and all other concerned authorities should be notified.
  2. Impermanent and urgent matters that the board or the members presented to the committee according to this rules.
  3. All conditions for ordinary general committee assembly will be applied to The extraordinary general committee assembly except of union dismantling or merging, withdrawal of the trust or dismantling of the board or dismissal of any member, as a condition it should be approved by two thirds of the eligible members.

Subject (31)

The general committee should not discuss in its ordinary or extraordinary meetings except issues mentioned in its agenda which is affirmed in the meeting invitation within Alba premises, national newspapers or written note to al concerned to attend.

Chapter (8)

Board member elections

Subject (32)

Election supervisory committee should be formed by members of the general committee. The committee should consists of twenty members according to approved rules:

1. Administration committee which consists of five members should be elected by the general committee. Candidacy for union board will open within three working days by an order from the administration committee which will also supervise the election committee. After this period, the candidacy shall be closed to allow candidate to publish their programmes for a period of three days.

Election shall start on the date set by the administration committee which should not accede one week of closing of the candidacy.

2. Election committee shall than publish all candidates names in the notices board within Alba.

3. Election should be processed under the supervision of the election committee which should not include any contesting candidate

4. All candidates can be near election condition provided that they do not interfere in election process.

5. Election should be clandestine and behind a tented cover and the election paper should be printed with all candidates photos.

6. The electing individual has the right to elect an equal number to the union board, less than that or keep election form blank.

7.every election form not adhering to the election law should be considered revoked.

Chapter (9)

Union Board

Subject (33)

Union board shall consist of 15 members being elected directly by the General Committee in ordinary or extraordinary meeting for a period of three years.

Candidate who did not prevail shall be considered as reserved members noting their ranking.

Subject (34)

Applications should be accepted only from members who obligated to their financial and membership requirements.

Subject (35)

Expatriates can join the union as members but cannot contest for union board.

Subject (36)

Union board shall in its first meeting elect chairman, General Secretary, Treasury Secretary and all other posts according to the union requirements.

Subject (37)

Union board meetings shall be held every 15 days provided that the attendees are the major majority.

Subject (38)

Union board decision shall be approved by the attendees.

Subject (39)

Union board is the respective authority to implement all decisions and recommendations from the general committee and its authorities are:

  1. Administer internal union affairs to manage all related issues.
  2. Manage members working affairs such as joint negotiations, mutual occupational contracts, negotiation sessions, joint committees and other organizations.
  3. Manage cooperative, medical, financial, social and cultural projects to the union and facilitate all available experiences to develop union structure.
  4. Prepare annual report which should clarify general union issues, all activities, working mechanism development, membership and all other achievements by the union.
  5. Sign working contracts and treaties on behalf of the union.
  6. Study member’s suggestions and preparing studies and researches related to members affairs and daily life.
  7. Investigate member’s grievances.
  8. Consider membership applications and take the right decision.
  9. Invite general committee to assemble and preparing the annual report and budget for the previous year and budget proposal for the coming year and all necessary reports.

Subject (40)

Union board shall be called for a meeting if it was requested by the chairman or two thirds of the board members.

Subject (41)

Shall be considered abandoned any board member who is absent for three continuous meetings or five peculiar meeting in a year.

Subject (42)

Next ranked elected member in the last elections shall be replacing abandoned, dismissed or deceased and he shall complete the period of the preceding member. In case of the absence of any reserved member, union board shall call for adjustment election if the remaining period of the existing board is more than six month.

Subject (43)

The board shall be considered dismissed with the resignation of half of the members at one. In this case, general committee shall hold an extraordinary meeting within 15 days to elect new board for the remaining period of the dismissed board.

Subject (44)

If resigned or dismissed, chairman deputy chairman or any board member, the posts shall be reorganised.

Subject (45)

Union board reserve the right- with the agreement of two thirds- to congeal any member if he offended the central rules. The case shall be than demonstrated to the general committee in an extraordinary meeting.

Subject (46)

Union board shall have the right to assemble committees in order to organize union work according to the speciality and shall be headed bay a board member.

Subject (47)

Board members are not eligible for any wages or allowances for their assigned duties.

Subject (48)

Union Chairman Duties

Union chairman is the legal union representative for all authorities. He shall head all the meetings and sign-in conjunction with the treasury secretary- all cheques, contracts and treaties signed with the union in all aspects after the approval of the board.

Subject (49)

Chairman deputy shall act temporarily as chairman in case of his absence and shall direct the special committees.

Subject (50)

General Secretary duties.

The General Secretary shall proceed with all union rules and decisions and shall maintain all union correspondences, records and all other documentations.

He shall also sign - in conjunction with the chairman- meeting agendas of general committee and board. He also receives the membership application forms. In addition he shall prepare the agenda and call board members and general committee members for the ordinary and extraordinary meetings.

Subject (51)

Treasury Secretary Duties

Treasury Secretary is responsible for union funds and to collect membership fees and other funds related to the union. He is also responsible for all union financial issues. He shall issue all purchase invoices, manage union accounts, and keep union financial documents. He shall maintain a petty cash of BD 200for emergency issuing. He shall in addition prepare final budget statement and an estimated budget for the coming year in conjunction with the general secretary.

Subject (52)

Board member duties

Board member duties shall be assigned by the board including heading of the special committees.

Chapter (9)

General Rules

Subject (53)

The union has the right to join the General Union for Bahrain Labour Union as will as joining or participating in forming of professional unions and similar Arabic and International unions.

Subject (54)

All employees have the right to become members in this union regardless of their origins and they have the right unreservedly to withdraw.

Subject (55)

Member shall drop all the benefits if he offended the union rules.

Subject (56)

To amend this rule, an approval of two thirds of the members is essential.

Subject (57)

To dismantle the union, the approval of two thirds of the members is essential.

ALBA Movement History

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Administration Achievements

Achievements of the Board of Directors:

• Raising the level of wages and allowances and improved working conditions and install the nose gains and the rate of increase of annual raise and bonuses.

 • Raising the level of services and features of social and health of workers and raise the level of financial allocations to do so.

 • Improve working conditions and provide the best services and features to them, especially with regard to the privacy of maternity and maternity leave.

 • change the reality of peace and grades and develop the capabilities and skills of workers through the promotion of scientific education, training, raising production efficiency and opens prospects for career advancement.

 • Develop a housing urethra suit most expensive categories of workers through the hard work in finding appropriate housing opportunities.

 • protect the institution of trade union and defend, by maintaining the entity within the union Alba and maintain good relations with management and civil society organizations.

Literal report

Brotherhood of the general assembly
Greeting union
Alba harm workers' union to offer you the literary report for the years 2009 -2010, which summarizes
The key points of the activity of the board of directors
The purpose of the summary to give the opportunity for members of the General Assembly of Alaa closely on the activities of the Council and to express an opinion
Union in the tasks carried out by members of helmeted members of the syndicate management during this period
The comments on this Altqriraladbe will be the focus of consideration and will be taken to each point for the development of trade union action

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