Administration Achievements

Achievements of the Board of Directors:

• Raising the level of wages and allowances and improved working conditions and install the nose gains and the rate of increase of annual raise and bonuses.

 • Raising the level of services and features of social and health of workers and raise the level of financial allocations to do so.

 • Improve working conditions and provide the best services and features to them, especially with regard to the privacy of maternity and maternity leave.

 • change the reality of peace and grades and develop the capabilities and skills of workers through the promotion of scientific education, training, raising production efficiency and opens prospects for career advancement.

 • Develop a housing urethra suit most expensive categories of workers through the hard work in finding appropriate housing opportunities.

 • protect the institution of trade union and defend, by maintaining the entity within the union Alba and maintain good relations with management and civil society organizations.

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