The company succeeded in reducing the employment of 3080 to 2700 working .. Binali

The head of Bahrain Aluminum Company Union «Alba» Ali Benali that the policy of reducing employment by the company that worked in cooperation with the union will be capable of providing $ 40 million in the company's budget in just two years. He said that the plan of the union in line with the policy of the Governing Council to reduce the cost and labor that workers share in the profits with the company, so goes part of the amount available to the employer and the other part of the workers who participated in this achievement. He noted that the major constraints faced during the past year those committed by the previous administration of the appointments were favored by kin, leaving the negative effects and consequences on the company and requests find a way out of approximately 200 Musharraf, who appointed by the previous administration in the administrative structure. He believed that the situation forced them to resort to the early retirement program in order to achieve the vision of the Governing Council in raising the productivity and the face of a difficult year, such as those passed where economic crisis has battered all sectors, saying «that the management company and in cooperation with the union was able, despite the difficult conditions then reduce the workers of 3080 to 2700 employees, and an amendment created by the previous administration of the functions did not have a reason, and because the group does not have the guilt of the co-operation policy of rotation of the sections of vacant and we have succeeded in this, as well as success in reducing the previous administration of 11 Director-General to 3 Managers ». He stressed that among the achievements of the union of what was done by passing the old file modification bonuses in 1982, blaming the previous administration to disable the file over the past years. It was considered that the main challenges facing the union in this period sought to return the company to the state of stability, especially after the fatal accidents that have led to the two employees during the past year, leaving the feeling among workers and their families that Alba is a place is unfit to work due to the absence of a sound environment provides protection for workers, noting that the union does not want to be Alba machine for the manufacture of widows where the union will seek to restore the confidence of workers and their families. The Benali «the most prominent achievements of the union during the past year their ability to control the smelters, it took workers 77 days to run the smelter at the time it took the other Gulf states for 300 days, costing at least a billion dollars, but the national employment in Alba In spite of the shortcomings of the labor force but they were able to rectify all the crises experienced by the record and at times, especially to restart the frozen cells in smelters in 5 hours ». He said that the union will work with the company's management, including development of work and would raise the level of productivity by reducing the cost and work to provide a larger monitor, and earnings, including back in the benefit of the company and workers

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Alba workers protesting against the low level of safety in the company

Leaders its outrage at the low level of safety in the company and complained to administrators of the great pressure suffered by workers during the year, and the sacrifices made by workers Alba was the reason for achieving the highest levels of productivity at the age of Alba.    

And expressed their resentment of workers from the decline observed in the levels of safety in all sections and departments of the company, and made clear that there are a lot of fatal accidents, and time-consuming could have been avoided if the executive management role in the dissemination of a clear policy for safety while reducing the pressure to reduce manpower suffered by the company in the current year as a result of the early retirement program adopted by management and the union at the beginning of this year.

  The union said that the early retirement program was the result of the request of a large segment of workers who wish to obtain financial compensation appropriate to arrange the departure of Alba.
  She said the union they were not expecting to find this program accepted in this way wide and especially of workers in the categories non-supervisory, and he was not of justice that the Administration Palace of the early retirement program on the categories of supervisory only, but asked the union from the administration that the program covers all workers in Alba.
  Against the backdrop of the meeting has issued a brief statement on the union of accidents that have occurred since the beginning of 2010 to the day that it was being compared to an increase in the number of incidents that occurred in the last year as a result of low levels of safety in all parts of the company.
  Have called for the union, represented by the President of the Association, Mr. Ali-Benali in more than one occasion the importance of the development of safety standards at the company in order to preserve the lives of workers, the working class in Alba is the basis of providing the aluminum industry in Bahrain, because without it the company to reach the highest international standards and compete other plants in terms of quality, all this lies the private workers in lifting high the name of the company and raise the name of the Kingdom in the pride and manufacturing of aluminum Balsed national and exported abroad.

  There are many reasons that made by the workers led to a lower level of safety in the company and are discussed in the meeting and the most important labor shortages in all departments of the company and in particular sections of productivity, in some sections should be the number of workers on duty per 12 workers with the supervisor but he managed half the number with Alba, the workers are those who bear the shortfall and put the interest of the company, first as a result of their devotion to work.

  We have warned Benali repeatedly not to download the workers Alba overworked and speed in finding alternative solutions to meet the shortfall in employment in all sections and open the field of employment, the existence of workers the contractor what is only a matter of a temporary solution and can not be relied upon entirely, and their loyalty and devotion to work will not be like loyalty factor that works a permanent contract in the company, especially when the worker is a shareholder in the company, his sense that he is different from acting like in the household.
  She also administrative leaders in the company fears of low levels of safety in the company, understand they have a direct responsibility during their domination of the workers to maintain their safety and return to their families safely, they are demanding better conditions of workers because they are the real wealth of the company and demanded that the union interest in the real lives of workers Alba who gave Balgali and precious in order to achieve production targets for this company.   As explained in administrative leaders that this year is one of the most difficult years that have passed in the history of the company were reducing the number of workers of 3080 workers to 2694 workers currently working in all sections and departments of the company, however, the rate of production and profit is a record high despite the low value metal.

  The result of the meeting on the petition of all workers in the company by the syndicate to the executive management to ask them to raise the level of safety in the company and strengthened between the workers and increase their awareness of and access to international regulations on safety and continually developed to reduce the accident time-consuming in order to preserve the lives of workers and company property.

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