Alba union board had a meeting with marine operation employees

Alba union board had a meeting with marine operation employees, to discuss about PCA and the criteria which the value of the allowance is calculated, where the employees shows their demands on equalizing them with other employees in calcining operations.


It was in the past, there are specific criteria calculated in the output value of the PCA and those standards was not developed since the inception of the company in line with the company's development in the eighties of last century, After the new standards has been the applied in the calculation of the value of the allowance in the beginning of the year for all workers in the company, after the union board movement and its demand to improve the value of the allowance in line with the working conditions which workers are exposed to, where the allowance classified into 3 categories according to work environment and different working conditions.


From their side, union board members has explained the right ways for reconsidering of the amount which was decided by management and How the gradient to be obtained when applying grievance to the department manager, including a detailed explanation of the materials which they are exposed to and the nature of their work, And asked them to nominate someone to continue the follow up with the union until they find a solution to their problem and get the suitable PCA with their working condition. 


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