Binali:«GFBTU» Unarmed Alba Union from General Secretariat for violating the policy directions adopted by the


Union took advantage of the current debt and «Alliance» Workers at the conference the previous year .. Benali:

«GFBTU» Unarmed Alba Union from General Secretariat for violating the policy directions adopted by the

Said union leader, Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) Ali Binali The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions under the line, either to seek to restructure and correct the path, or will consider other unions, including the Union of Alba to the establishment of the Federation of trade union last, be away from the political pressure which controls the the current Union.


He Binali that the negative role played by the Federation of trade unions in the recent period, resulting in changes in the laws on the movement of trade union, having had a trade union law wonderful, explaining «The new law led to that union which mixes politics and trade union action, it stops for his trade union, according to the new law, and the minister of labor is determined by the Bahrain which is abroad, this was not present before, it may be in the new material diminution of trade union action, but a natural result after the negative role played by the Federation of Trade Unions ».


He believed that the Union implicated many workers in the recent crisis, as he was unable to unite the labor movement, but turned into a political party and a clear, stressing that the general assembly of the union of Alba cost the Board of Directors of the Association to take the appropriate decision with regard to withdrawal from the Union, and join the new union, and communication with all parties and trade unions.


The Binali to a whimper by all sides in the workplace, where cases of discontent among the workers as a result of the effects of political and external pressures on them, stressing that the trade union action if the March role ascribed to it would have been able to absorb all these influences, the fact that trade union action is best placed to eliminate sectarianism odious, Fbh melt these divisions, and the workers in the trade union movement to realize that confusion between the business or trade union statesman leads inevitably to the downfall of the owner, and to engage in endless mazes, and eventually back injury to workers who are considered the scapegoat for the false practices.


The «was our vision from the beginning to distance Federation of Trade Unions himself from the political pressure, and we went during the crisis in the last year of the Union in order to break the strike, and we told him that the work it is not feasible, but the President of the Federation said that the decision is not my decision, and that the members of the Secretariat are they also cannot make decisions, and that he believes that the Union in a difficult position ».


He explained that the experience of the strike first, led by the Union on February 20 for one day, did not interact with union Alba, and refused to go to strike, but he also «After this position, they Btakwyne, and Tsagaiti, and we have video we can display it, and show what happened from an attack on us at that time, and was goal of the acquisition of Union Syndicate Alba, being the largest union in Bahrain, for use in achieving their goals in the days that follow.


He said «we have tried to commend the trade union movement on the strike, but people were affected emotionally to what is happening, and tell us the Union at the time that the strike of the political matter is the glory, but they did not uninterested So, we told them also that the strike could not pass without holding a general assembly, setting up association public who attended the brief and gave the Union the right to take any decision of the strike ».


He stressed that the workers out of work before declaring itself the Federation of trade unions to strike, and that following the Almsjat which came to them from political society, as well as pressure Jomaat that have political agendas for the application of the workers to strike.


He stated that «the number of trade unions active in Bahrain, is 7 unions only, and after the events of March most unions disappeared from the yard movement trade union, and the plans of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions go for the establishment of trade unions in name only, for the delivery of the wants of the Secretariat of the Union, and after the conference disappear this year, the trade unions.


He believed that the main problem is that the statutes of the Union gives the union the small stakes in the General Conference which is held for the selection of the Secretariat more from unions large, as the institution in which 101 workers send 3 delegates, in the event that the Syndicate Alba has 3 thousand workers sent delegates, 11, This is a big problem, noting «when paying contributions to the Union, we do not pay for 11 delegates, but for all workers affiliated to the Association and the Federation of Trade Unions asked to pay his fourth budget».


However, «The total income of the Union 250 thousand dinars, 200 thousand dinars from the government, and the rest is what Athsalh of trade unions, it also required unions to pay the amount of the contribution is complete and not intermediate, at a time, which excludes the Union's largest trade union in Bahrain for representation in the Secretariat».


He considered that the Union Binali was not able to attract more workers under its umbrella, remarkable that there are 500 thousand workers in Bahrain, but he did not understand until now since 2004 is 20 thousand workers.


And that union Alba and despite being the strongest and most effective in the movement of trade union in Bahrain, but it is absent from the General Secretariat of the Federation of Trade Unions, which has 15 seats, for the mismatch of political thought who is adopted by the Union, pointing out that the Bapco, Batelco have two representatives each in the Secretariat, although the momentum between them and the Union of Alba cannot be compared, stressing that the Union can not give the union Alba seats in the Secretariat; because they do not belong to the current political union adopted.


The «paid union Alba and over 8 years, 40 thousand dinars of the Union, did not you get in return is one training course for workers affiliated to Alba, which confirms the absence of any services in return for payment, which is given to the Union, and the Central Council of the Union has not met since 2011 I do not know how to exchange money ».



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