Alba Labour Union Announces withdrawal from the umbrella of GFBTU

Alba Labour Union Announces withdrawal from the umbrella of  GFBTU


According to No(33) of 2002 about establishing Labour Unions and the amendments in decree No(49) in 2006 and decree NO(35) in 2011 and after the assembly of extraordinary general congress on 06/05/2012 that authorised union board represented by the chairman to take the suitable decision regarding staying in GFBTU or unsubscribing and forming other labour federation.


Accordingly, in order to take the decision, union had contacted several communications with all related parties, including GFBTU that unfortunately did not respond to any of the communications. After required consultations to draw a clear picture about the effect of the critical decision, union decided to withdraw from GFBTU. Though union board regrets to take such decision, but board believes that withdrawals the responsibility of the federation and its board.

Federation missed the opportunity to play a historical gathering role in the kingdom by ignoring union leaders in Alba.


Federation still have the chance to reunite by fair representation for all active union activists and to rethink about obsession and excluding of leading positions in federation and opening all communication channels for consultation and discussions so that federation can combine all labour unions united through balanced statute that reflects the benefits of big and small unions.

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