Union and Management of Alba company celebrates Long service Workers who have completed 10 Years of Service


Alba Labour Union and Management of Alba company celebrates Long Service Workers who have completed 10 Years of Service


Confirmed the Aluminum Bahrain (Alba) its commitment to its workforce through the establishment of a ceremony honoring veterans of employees who have completed ten years of continuous service in the company, and that Alba Sports Club.

On this occasion, the Alba Labour union chairman, Ali Binali, says: «The workers are the lifeblood of any company or organization, they have a leading role in the growth and development and their underlying any success and progress achieved by the company. The Company achieved Alba many achievements over the last forty years, and we as members of trade union Alba proud to see many of our workers are contributing to the achievement of the successes and achievements of the company, which has become one of the largest companies that aspire a lot of people of Bahrain to work in a team work, and along with cost-effective material good and sustainable development opportunities and ongoing training available in their way, our workers are getting constantly on the incentives and advantages to develop themselves, and to secure a decent life for them-off both inside and outside the company. We are a trade union and we are keen to establish our commitment to high professional work environment and far from any racial differences or sectarian or political, to assess the factor depends on the efficiency, effectiveness and honor the efforts and dedication to work ».


For his part, said Chief Executive Officer of Alba, Laurent Schmitt, said: «There is no doubt that the effectiveness of this day is one of the most important events that we celebrate the Long service workers of Alba, and we are proud to honor our employees who have completed years of service in the company, thanks to their dedicated efforts and commitment constant work and dedication, we were able to achieve many goals that we aspire to in and see what our operational smelters and become a leader in the world. 

 We through this ceremony, we express our gratitude and appreciation for the dedication shown by workers, to work as one team, and differentiate them in the performance of their duties and their work, and today to coincide with the celebration of the company over 40 years of starting its operations, considering the various achievements we have made in previous years, we realize that our success was thanks to the dedicated efforts of our employees, and today we celebrate Long service workers who have completed ten years of service and congratulate them on this achievement ».

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