Head of Media at the Alba Labour Union:There is no truth to the union was under pressure to get out of the umbrella of the GFBTU


Head of Media at the Alba Labour Union

There is no truth to the union was under pressure to get out of the umbrella of the GFBTU


Said Head of the Media Committee on Alba Labour Union Abdullah Al Moraj not accurate to say that, the promotion or management of the union bowed to pressure from the company's management or any other party in order to get out the umbrella union for the GFBTU at its last meeting, and a description of these rumors are based on fallacious charges.


This statement was made in the words of Abdullah Al Moraj to respond to what promotes the ideas of administration has accused the union that it complied and handed her to the Alba management to secede from the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions noting in this regard to that this statement is not true at all, a work like fallacies.


He said: «The decision to withdraw from the umbrella of the Federation of Trade Unions is the current consensus of Administrative Management Association Alba and not from any other party imposed upon it», he said, that Ali Binali (Union Chairman) when he asked the General Assembly continue to stay in the Union or not, and with the take the appropriate decision to continue membership in the Union, pledged to work and coordination with the board member of the union, he Has been consulted on the subject, and the approval of a collective failure to stay under the umbrella of the Union ».


Elucidating the more the position of Management Association, said that spreading the idea to obey aims publishers and promoters of which distort the image of the union and what it represents the power of unions on the one hand, and aim the other hand, to tarnish the image of the achievements of the union as it deems valid and appropriate for the workers Alba as a strike force in the temple Workers of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In a question for the Press, The law allows the formation of union again, he replied: Yes, the law allows, through «the formation of two Bars similar», then we asked him what about rumors also of police intervention in the presence of the last meeting at the headquarters of the company, stated that the thing accurate is the presence of (security men from Alba) in order to regulate the entry and exit, but if Activity police officials, it is not our specialty, adding that some workers caught a microphone (without permission) to give a speech of the company, wondering: Is this not work to bypass the law.


In a third question for the press, who lost in this case, the General Federation of Trade Unions or union Alba? He answered that he lost the General Federation, and lost so many that almost 3 thousand workers, pointing out that which has reinforced the trend away from the umbrella of the Union, both of the union of Alba or bankers or other but it is a result of immersion Workers Union in political attitudes and that, as mentioned in the answer to this question.


In the last question, is it an effort to return the meat to the body in labor Alba? He said: «There are no workers want to form a union outside the current union», and they have efforts to work as we know everyone on the return to (current union). However, on the other hand: the care and make sure that the actions taken by the Alba Union board member justified, and based on legal grounds, stressing that what the union was taken by the administration itself.


He concluded by Abdullah Al Moraj said: Alba Labour Union is the union only remained committed to the Union a long period of time despite the lean years that were exposed with the General Secretariat of the Union both in terms of marginalization continued, which involved a union and the lack of cadres of the union on the training opportunities of trade union and rehabilitation of cultural or affiliation with the decisions of wrong taken by the General Secretariat and reflected negatively on workers Alba as happened during the crisis of February and March 2011 when it promoted the General Secretariat of the Union to strike, what was the union, but the obligation, a negative attitude we consider in the management of the union of the fact that its consequences more than revenues, especially with regard to the arrest of production in the branches different smelter.


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