Al Binali: «general federation» suing Alba labor union claiming the threat of the Economy


Aiming to disrupting the formation of the free federation
Al Binali: «general federation» suing Alba labor union claiming the threat of the Economy



Alba labor union chairman Ali Al Binali says that "the current Federation is still practicing the monopoly of labor voices and take a personal decisions, moving reinstated employees in Alba to file a case against Alba union, claiming that the withdrawal of the union from the general federation is threatening the national economy, after legal advice of his allies in the International Federation of Workers and the American Solidarity Center, "explaining that" the general federation aims to prevent the formation of the Free Federation, which will be a defender of workers away from political pressure.


He pointed out that "the union assigned lawyer Abdulla Hashim to defend it in the case," saying that "the presence of cadres in the Ministry of Labor who supports the current federation, and instead of being neutral they became a supporter of the politicization of trade unions, and trying very hard to obstruct the establishment of the free federation " AlBinali says that "the trade unions which withdrawing from the federation will meet next week to discuss the ideas and find a consensus among them, and that shall be done soon," noting that "the meeting is open to any union wishing to attend."


AlBinali pointed " alba union, the largest in the Kingdom, is ready to give up the presidency of the free federation to any union, whether large or small union," saying that "the unions are consistent so far to establish a new federation is: GPIC union, bankers union, and BAPCO free union, and GARMCO national union. "


And AlBinali describe "the battle is not easy" and said, "We will strive to establish a new federation, giving the opportunity for unions to enter into a new non-politicized federation and does not follow any political agendas."


In the proof of the politicization of the current federation, said AlBinali that "the federation was called by the members of the House of Representatives in 2006 to discuss a labor topic, and to boycott the opposition societies at that parliamentary time, & the federation did not participate in the meetings," adding that "it is illegal Parliament, and this is proof that the federation is politicized since its establishment.”


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