Alba Union and Management Honor the veterans of workers



Alba Union and Management Honor the veterans of workers



Confirmed the Aluminum Bahrain BSC. M. B. (Alba) and its full commitment to the fixed direction of its workforce through the ceremony held on Thursday, 21 June Alba Sports Club to honor a group of veteran employees who have completed ten years of dedicated service to the company.

On this occasion, the head of trade union Alba, Ali Binali, saying that «Alba workers knew their hard work and dedication and loyalty to the company full and make utmost efforts in order to complete the work. We as members of Alba Labour Union proud of the important role played by workers in achieving success for the company.

Today, we celebrate with the second batch of workers after ten years of dedicated service, which is already a great achievement and a supervisor. The proof of this interesting ceremony by the company and its commitment to provide benefits and incentives to them in addition to providing development opportunities and growth. We are proud that this is also the company's Bahrain plays a pivotal role globally due to their workers to achieve the credit ».


For his part, said Chief Executive Officer of Alba, Laurent Schmitt, saying: «Forty years have seen the last of the date of the company's many achievements and successes that have enhanced the company's position as one of the leading aluminum smelters in the world.

One of the main reasons for this success is the support and loyalty that is characteristic of the workforce of the company, as it was for their hard work in achieving the significant role of the art in recent years. This celebration is to honor the workers on the occasion of completion of ten years of service is an expression of deep appreciation and sincere gratitude for the efforts of staff and differentiate them in the performance of their work, which helped the company achieve its goals ».


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