AlBinali: Ministry of Labour Fighting Trade Union Pluralism


AlBinali: Ministry of Labour Fighting Trade Union Pluralism 


Ali AlBinali Alba labor union chairman says that the statements of Ministry of Labor in the words of Chief of the trade unions affairs, Abdul Karim Al Fardan clearly show that the Ministry of Labor do not stand at the same distance between the parties to trade union work, and is clearly fighting trade union pluralism and try to support the current federation as a mechanism control of the national economy by the political societies.


The Ministry of Labor through Karim Al Fardan statement is ready to face & prevent pluralism by saying that the unions of the Free Federation are not similar to the concept of the ministry. And AlBinali wondered: shouldn’t Abdul Karim Al Fardan or other request of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions amendment before asking others to do so? as all the trade unions affiliated to the free federation withdrew from the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, why the Ministry of Labor not question the legitimacy of  the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions when these unions were member in it!!!


And said AlBinali it was surprising that the Ministry of Labor agree on the existence of a representative from government union within the secretariat of the current General Federation, as there is no law authorizing that in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


So, based on what has been accepting the legitimacy of the current federation as they are against the law by including the unions of the Ministry of Electricity and Water and Post union as they are government institutions & the law of trade unions dose not accepts to form trade unions represented in the general federation. Which bring another question, was the Ministry of Labor apply the laws to the secretariat of the General federation before announcing the Free Federation?


And said AlBinali that since the events of February 2011 to the present day we did not hear the opinion of Chief of the trade unions, Abdul Karim Al Fardan on the legality of the strike declared by the General federation for political purposes and did not see his passion in the defense of the law that time which requires the unions and not the federation to give a period of two weeks and explain the reasons of the dispute leading to the strike on a neutral committee before embarking on the strike that's what the law says!!!. Is the Ministry of Labor is serious about enforcing the law on all the parties or there is some parties belong to political societies are considered above the law???!!!


On the other hand, said Yasser Hujairi Secretary of Alba union, the Ministry of Labor must stand in a neutral position in the formation of trade union's new and that does not favor the parties trade union rights on the basis of their positions political figure, and added Hujairi that the last period of the life of the Union persuaded all cadres of trade union national compulsory and there is a real change in every respect of trade union which took over the secretariat of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions during the last period, and that the trade union Alba does not exclude one of the faces of the Secretariat in the process of change, if he wants this union to build a balanced relationship with the Union free or unions acceded to it. And Hujairi explained It is surprising characterization of Labor Department on the mouth of Abdul Karim Al Fardan, "The workers chose the unit through one federation representing them" as the cadres of the Ministry of Labor to learn, the plurality of unions not issued by a law only in 2006 and that the process of joining the Union general Founded in 2004, was not with the consent of the general assemblies, but rather was a decision of the boards of the unions. Does the Ministry is serious in the narrative history of trade union correctly??? Or are interested in giving the jewelry in order to legitimize the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions and the application of laws only in order to deprive the workers of the establishment of any other federation???


And confirmed Hujairi it is time to upgrade the work of trade union in the Kingdom through the activation of the real role of the concept of labor union by neutralizing its goals away from political pressure and stimulate labor mobility in order to serve the interests of the working class only, and all parties must but their efforts to support the federation in various ways not to put barriers and obstacles, especially by the representative of the Ministry of Labor, which is supposed to play a neutral role & not the opposite.

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