AlBinali: The General Secretariat of the General Federation on alert in order to prevent the establishment of Free Federation


After the statement of trade unions in charge in the Ministry of Labor...

AlBinali: The General Secretariat of the General Federation on alert in order to prevent the establishment of Free Federation


Ali AlBinali said that the General Federation measures patriotism based on loyalty to the political societies that comply with its orders, and not based on loyalty to the national standards. The Federation has proved it dedicates a political role in recent events intended to disrupt the production wheel to halt the national economy.


And AlBinali surprised from the statement of the head of the Secretariat of General Federation that he had witnesses about the credibility of the Federation and its objectivity, and there are thousands of workers have been affected by the policies of the Federation since its inception to the present day, and if requested their testimony without political pressure they have spoken putting the blame on the General Federation, and calling it the main responsible about the deterioration of their situation.


AlBinali added that the General federation since its establishment is just a trade union front not more for its masters of political societies and today it can not even change one member of the members of its General Secretariat. In addition to that, till today they did not dare to announce and recognition its mistakes that led to what happened to Bahrain from damage during the events of February 2011 and its support for a political party at the expense of another party attributed to the dominance of most members of the Secretariat and the political affiliation to one of the parties.


And AlBinali shows that since the establishment of the General Federation till today it was never disagree even once with the political organization of his, but they boycott elections of the House of Representatives at its first session in 2002 when it boycotted by the opposition societies that time, and added AlBinali that the Federation described the House of Representatives since its inception as illegal, and after contesting of the opposition political societies the elections in 2006 the Federation has deal with the House of Representatives at its second session and this is clear evidence that the Union is going on what he being told by his masters.


And AlBinali explained that the General Secretariat of the General Federation is ready to give up the most what they gain in order to prevent the establishment of the Free Federation, since the establishment of the free federation end the monopoly of political societies to the domination on the trade union action, which lasted more than 8 years ago.


 As AlBinali also explained that the recent amendment on the Trade Unions Act No. (35) for the year 2011 revealed the falsehood of the General Federation faith in democracy of trade union and trade union freedoms as they talking about pluralism in word and does not believe in it actually and that it conspires On the other side on the unity of the present unions and fighting against the trade unions which established after the amendment of the law, either by their people in political societies or through its representatives in the Ministry of Labor. And AlBinali explained that the Ministry of Labor and on the lips of labor relations officer Karim Al Fardan showed clearly that they are with the policy of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions & will fight the Free Federation because it is not politicized and not belonging to the line of political opposition. & we were in Alba labor union had anticipated that the ministry of labor will apology to the Bahraini society about this statement and not to only critic through secret phone calls. We also believe that the ministry will not do that and go back on Al Fardan's comments because they do not want to damage the historical relationship which has been distinguished with General Federation Secretariat.


And when the Federation calling and declared the independency of the union decision from employers and the government, we wonder here is the trade association decision on the strike in February 20 and 13 March last year was an independent decision stems from the trade union structures??? Or is it following the instructions of the masters of political societies, which ordered in & responded by the Federation???


And AlBinali said that the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions tarnishing the reputation of Bahrain abroad and has to move their organizations and portray the problem in Bahrain that there is prejudice to the freedoms of unions and that the battle for the Free Federation of Trade Bahrain Trade unions in the coming period ahead is to restore the international arena from the General Federation and do what is necessary to broadcast its practices and its role in the maze of international organizations.


And should the secretariat of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions to learn the rules of the international trade union game has changed and that the days ahead will not be easier than the past days and we will not forget in the Free Federation what all members of the General Secretariat did of the damage to the reputation of Bahrain and its economy and its workers.
The General federation play the role of troublemaking pupil who is throughout the whole year creates the problems and make people laugh and making landfills, but in the end of the year he fail in all subjects while the rest of the pupils succeed, and this is the case with the General Federation, where he fell into the exam thousand time and showed It will not save an effort to the work against the interests of this country in which to enjoy His blessings. And certainly will not work with him and is not at this time nor in the future. the Secretariat of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions will get used on the failure and fall.

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