Al Binali in ‘a year of Al Hurr: free union faces battles against his enemy ...


Members of the Executive Board and trade unions celebrated the first anniversary of Free Federation establishment in the mid of July 2012, which has been hosting the journalist Mr Saeed Al Hamad and member of the Executive Board of the free Federation , chairman of Alba labour union Mr. Ali Al Binali, in a symposium entitled "  a year of Al Hurr".

Ali Al binali started the symposium with the reasons which led to the establishment of the free federation on 2012, he gave a complete explanation of the phases of the working class in the kingdom of  Bahrain, the  attempting to kidnap it  by the general federation and changing it goals and objectives which for the general federation was established by, through politicized labour environment  and making it receives orders from political associations  and leaders who wish  to take the control of the labour movement in Bahrain . Al Binali has listed the total movements by the general federation of Bahrain trade union led by its general secretary Sayed Salman  Al Mahfoud since his announcement  for general strike  last year during the period (21 Feb -13 march 2011), Ali Al binali clarified at the begging of the symposium the consequences that resulted from the announcement of the general  strike by General federation  which impact significantly on several economic and social aspects, the illegal strike by the general federation has abused for the kingdom of Bahrain and it was for purely political goals and agendas, with the involvement of  Bahraini workers and exploitation within a political scheme aimed to change the regime in the kingdom of Bahrain.


Ali Albinali continued by showing the audience the movement that was taken by Sayd Salman Al Mahfoud ,initiating events and dates that kept following the declaration of a state of national safety in Bahrain  after the enter Syed Salman of the Kingdom of Bahrain in a dark tunnel and trading rights for Bahraini workers comply with the current political agendas.

He added that the Minister of labour who is supposed to stand with the Kingdom of Bahrain on unfortunate events but he turned into a tool of political currents through the decisions and  actions which show that the Ministry of labour is formed as currents to undermine the Government and the people of Bahrain. Minister of Labour sought to deliver the file of dismissed workers to the general federation by directing workers to the general federation headquarters in Adleya to register their complaints and provide their data to create strength and legitimacy for the general federation in April 2011, although the real culprit in hundreds of Bahraini workers is the General federation  and its politicized decisions, how to the minister of state to cooperate with the general federation , which resulted in the dismissal of workers?!!

Ali Albinali clarified that the minister of labour  helped Sayed Salman to escaped outside the country, he was banned from traveling but in an intelligent way by the minister he persuaded the officials and directed Sayed Salman abroad and he opened a field for a complaint with the international organizations human rights against the kingdom of Bahrain.

Ali explained that all the indicators and events that are substantiated doubts about the Minister of labour and not fabricated as some claim, but the fact that proves the validity of what I say", as the Minister and by publicizing the free Union of trade unions of Bahrain and with five days of publicity quickly issued a decision appointing the members of the specific vocational training councils included the designation of representatives of the Union and not on their workers as their representative in the qualitative training Council, the goal was not to represent the Free Federation in these councils, on top of that there  was a delaying  by the Ministry of labour to register the free Federation, sometimes they say that the free Union lawless(against the law) and sometimes they say they have not received the publicity sheets yet. They tried their best to delay the announcement of the free federation.


Al binAli said that his Royal Highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al khalifa congrats us after the election of members of the executive board. It was the biggest support from his highness.


He continued that the ministry of labour does not want another union to compete the general union. All the evidences show that from the beginning of the free federation’s announcement, he was citing the constraints and obstacles to delay the official publicity of the free federation. The general union asked the minister of labour not to allow to another union to be excited in the labour area, as a condition to cancel the complaint in the International labour organization (ILO).The minister promised that by end of feb 2012 he will closed the dismissal of workers, but he failed then he declared that the general union is uncooperative.

Al BinAli explained that the general union deals with ILO through its representative called Waleed Hamdan for his vested interests, Waleed hamdan who controls the general federation and gives the orders to Sayed Salman Al Mahfoud.

Al Bin Ali continued that the general union is in trouble, the numbers of the dismissal workers is less than what he had announced to the international labour organization’ delegation. Most of that numbers is fake and unreal; he counted the retirees workers who have received all their     and some of them has been fired before the events ,all this in order to amplify the file of the dismissed workers .

Al Binali explained that Waleed Hamdan asked the general union to rise up its demands through asking for more wages, incentives and bounces during the dismissed period, all of this to destroy Bahrain’s reputation.

Al Binali talked about the trade union pluralism describing it as a positive law which enable unions to compete each other to provide better services for workers. The law has been blocked since 2006, the reason behind that was the general union and his general secretory. That is what happened after calling for an illegal strike in Feb and March 2011, workers were exploited by political agendas.

The journalist Mr. Seed Al Hamad expressed his pleasure to participate in the celebration of the free federation, he thanked all the founding members of this national labour. He talked about the history of labour movement in Bahrain since 1960s,
During the birth of the National Union and how they resist the colonialism. He explained that workers have started the labour movement since the first strike which was carried out by the Bapco’s workers. He added that the sectarianism was never involved in any of the national movement specially the labour movement. In 1956 they established the first Bahraini labour Union based on the principles of nationalism which was far from the sectarianism, because the workers were fully aware of understand of the consequences of the labour movement and the danger of sectary it.

Al Hamad continued that the labour movement in Bahrain was very independent and national collector for all Bahraini workersbut after the events in Bahrain and after 14 Feb revolution which hides behind Alwefaq Society who had splatted the nationalism by  calling for a failure strike by the general secretary of general union who want to destroy the labour movement.

He added that kingdom of Bahrain has a been in a media war with those who call themselves “revolutionary or rebellious “ . We feel sorry for the history of nationalism which is more than half century; it has been kidnaped and lost by those rebellious, He stated that Iran pays for those who they support and incite sectarian tenders .

Al Hamad stressed that Bahrain opposition accuses us that we are against the Shiite in Bahrain and we are sectarians.  But we tell them that our national history testifies us. All of these are false accusations. The history testifies that we are one citizen and those who reveals the sectarianism are Al wefaq and other political societies.

He added that the accusations against the free federation as government union which grow to break the labour movement are just accusation to cover their failure in the leader ship of the general union, through involvement of Bahraini workers in political actions and exploitation for the implementation of political agendas which is far from the national goals, by breaking the laws and union norms.

At the end of the seminar Mr. Saeed Al Hamad had delivered a message from the free federation headquarter to the officials in Bahrain that Bahrain Free labour union federation should get the support from the country and they should open the door for him to present Bahrain in the international forums. He also gave his father’s membership card of the first Bahraini labor federation, which is considered as historical document cherished by the Bahrain Free labour union federation...


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