Al Moaraj: Free federation demand for an international representation, fixed budget and permanent headquarter

Chairman of the media committee and PR of Alba union Abdulla Al Meraj assured the importance of free federation (Al Hurr) to obtain an international representation of workers in the kingdom of Bahrain and to obtain his legitimate representation in the tripartite councils. He also demands for an annual budget and permanent headquarter just like other associations.

This came after the first anniversary of Free Federation (Al Hurr) establishment on July, 18 2012. Al Meraj clarify that free federation has many ambitions and aspiration, he works to achieve them such as achieving its representation in the international norms. Free Federation is stepping pace to establish other unions under his umbrella to expand his widen as a unions collector which represent Bahraini workers. He stressed that demand for legitimate representation remains one of the main objectives.

Al Meraj disclosed that the Minister of labour announced yesterday that the Bahrain free federation of trade will be in quality vocational training councils by six members in hotel, communications, information technology, banking, industry and retail trade environment. This is a good trend asserts the existence of Free Federation and his contribution to participate in cases involving workers, Bahraini workers and residents, emphasizing in this regard the importance of Free Federation representation in the social insurance authority board with the three parties consisting of  the Government, employers and worker's representatives.

He continued " ministry of labour  gave us 6 months after going to Geneva conference to be equal with the general union in the legitimacy through review number of members of the free federation, however, in this regard  the management of Alba Union emphasizes that not only must pass 6 months (no length nor limit), he also revealed that the trade unions of the free Union demands the Ministry of labour for a permanent headquarter and a fixed annual budget, like other labour unions. He added that it is inconceivable that continues not to provide a budget for the Union's member; they still dependent on their contributions.

On the other hand, Al meraj revealed that the number of associate members of Alba labour Union ( membership of the Free federation) at present, compared with Alba union (the general union),Alba union which followed (free Federation ) has more than 2500 members, while second union has  no more than 150 members.

He conclude revealing that a number of associate members of (general union) are in the process of permanent withdrawal, they join the Free Federation which is followed by (Alba union), which reveals the extent of expansion of Alba Union where some felt that returning to Alba union is better than leaving it , in solidarity and cooperation with their colleagues at work in the Bahrain aluminum company(Alba)….


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