Al Hurr held a “Collective Bargaining "workshop

Al Hurr held a “Collective Bargaining "workshop


Bahrain Free Labour Union Federation (Al Hurr) organized a workshop entitled “Collective Bargaining " the workshop amid to clarify the concept of collective barraging, technical method, approaches and mechanism of action. The workshop was held at Al Hurr office in Isa Town. It was attended by number of the board s’ members of trade unions.

The seminar was presented by Ali Al Binali, chairman of Alba Union and president of Arab and international Affairs in Al Hurr, he explained the objective of the workshop in details, starting by explaining the labour movement in Bahrain from communism until the capitalism. Then he discussed the concept of the “collecting barraging” and its importance to negotiate between employees and representative of the trade union.

He explained that activate the meaning of collective bargaining in the company is an important pillar in the trade union action, and we need to clarify this concept to trade unionists, and give it dimension systematic by specify the topic of negotiation, identify options for negotiation, determine the negotiating team, and the role of each party in the team under a clear set of strategies for the negotiation.

Al Binali explained that negotiation process must take into account the other party in the negotiations as an essential partner in the production process, mechanisms of persuasion must be presented, by carrying out feasibility studies of the economic situation of public facility.

Ali Albinali pointed out that the advantages of collective bargaining negotiating, obstacles in negotiation and how to overcome those obstacles are very important factors, alluding to the need of  preparing  any negotiations.

He concluded the workshop by pointed out that the dialogue’s parties are changing according to the nature of the object and the level of the organization, it might be in one company or trade union or employer, and it might expand to reach the trade unions . He added that in the case of the success of collective bargaining, this will end up and result in “collective agreement”.

The workshop included many interventions and inquiries. At the end of the workshop the participants recommended repeating such workshops which increase cultural awareness among the workers. It is worth mention that  meaning of “collective bargaining” and “social dialogue” is a process of negotiations between employers and a group of employees aimed at reaching agreements that regulate working conditions.  The interests of the employees are commonly presented by representatives of a trade union to which the employees belong.

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