Alba Labour Union Participates at 17th WFTU Congress in South Africa

 The delegation of Alba Labour Union headed to Durban, South Africa, to participate in the 17thgeneral labour congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) under the slogan “Struggle – Internationalism – Unity” with the aim of satisfying the needs of modern workers by fighting poverty and the wars started by the savage capitalism. The delegation consisted of four Board Members: Basem Kuwaitan, Yasser Al-Hujairi, Abdullah Ali and Abbas Ali.

Basem Kuwaitan, the leader of the delegation, pointed out the importance of Alba Labour Union’s participation in the congress which consists of unionists from all over the world, as this global forum helps workers tackle the issues facing the working class, which are either related to economy, politics or society. Basem also stated that at this stage, workers have to be united against capitalism, poverty, unemployment, etc. by striving for the progress of the international labour movement with the help of the WFTU, the legitimate representative of the global working class.

The opening session of the congress started on October, 15 and will continue till October, 8, as hundreds of delegates of labour unions from 111 countries will arrive in Durban, South Africa, to enthusiastically participate in the congress. It is expected that 1200 delegates from the public and private sectors with the rates of 31% and 69%, successively, would participate in the congress. Moreover, Alba Labour Union associated with the WFTU since 2008.

We wish the representatives of Alba Labour Union all the best in undertaking their union task by active participation at the 17th WFTU Congress and hope they have a safe trip back home.


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