Alba Labour Union Statement Regarding the Harassment against Unionists



Dear the comrades of all the brotherly union organizations,


We, the Board Members of Alba Labour Union, your comrades in the labour struggle, are seeking your support regarding the arbitrary actions taken by the company’s management against us by means of adopting a revenge policy. This is only for being representatives of workers and protectors of the company in the worst situations in addition to being careful of our deeds in order not to negatively affect the company’s reputation and always trying our best to improve it, whether in the workplace or while performing our union tasks.

In return, the company’s management is currently taking the worst actions against Comrade Ahmed Janahi, a Board Member of Alba Labour Union, the Deputy Head of Labour Affairs and the Head of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, as he has been exiled from his position as Head of the Tender Administration. No one knows where Ahmed will be taken! All this is due to his active role in accident investigation and revealing the numerous faults of managers and the administration that had led to lots of accidents, which were hidden by the management to protect some managers, the thing that is against the benefit of the company and workers. Comrade Ahmed was professionally performing his work, as everyone is aware of his competence in accident investigations, improving the work environment as well as making a plenty of suggestions that reduced the hazards of the workplace in many sites and drastically changed the work methods, which were extremely unsafe, into safer ones. It is also worth mentioning that Comrade Ahmed was titled World Champion for Occupational Health and Safety among 14 candidates from all over the world in 2015.

This action taken against Comrade Ahmed is among a series of actions taken against unionists by decreasing their advantages, changing their job natures, depriving them of the annual increase as well as training opportunities and promotions, etc.

Thus, we appeal to all the brotherly union organizations to support us in confronting this immature management which is unaware of the consequences of such actions.


Long live the working class struggle!

Glory and eternity to the working class martyrs!


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