Statement of Alba Labour Union on the Occasion of Bahraini Women's Day


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On December 1 of every year, the Kingdom of Bahrain celebrates the Bahraini Women’s Day as an official national occasion. All formal and private institutions as well as the institutions of the civil society give considerable concern to this occasion. On this day, the achievements and contributions of Bahraini women are referred to as an act of appreciation to their efforts in various sectors and vocational specialties.

The Kingdom of Bahrain celebrates this occasion as a recognition of women’s vital and pioneering role in light of their achievements in many fields (e.g. economy, society and politics). No doubt, Bahraini women’s movement to get rights and preserve dignity did not happen just like that, but were a result of accumulated efforts and demands to be equal to men and prove they make up one half of society.

Bahraini women have proven they can play a central and important role and make many achievements in the fields of law, justice and human rights by means of occupying leadership posts and winning advanced places. Also, for their significant role in the previously mentioned fields past over 40 years, as they have joined the legal and judicial sector as legal consultants and lawyers since the 1970s. They showed their full commitment by means of their active participation, competence and experience in this sector. This qualified Bahraini women to occupy leadership posts in formal and informal institutions in light of Bahrain’s support for women by affording equal job opportunities for men and women. This is an indicator of the positive changes in the society to enhance women’s role in all fields and the efforts to consider women an essential element to national development as well as partners in national building and modernization.

Alba Labour Union greets the working women in the Kingdom of Bahrain on this day and especially the Bahraini working women in the legal and judicial sector by virtue of the generous gesture of the Supreme Council for Women. From this point, we stress the importance of underpinning the partnership principle and pioneering role of women in the Bahraini union movement and at all levels. The hopes and ambitions of Bahraini women are great and numerous; however, the presence of women in decision-making positions is a greater and more important hope and challenge.

Furthermore, Alba Labour Union appreciates all the efforts of the Supreme Council for Women presided by, HRH, Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, with the National Legislative Council to enact the Family Law (Jaffari Section). We hope to see this long-awaited law enacted soon to serve the entire society. Also, we call the Legislature to enact laws and regulations supporting women to get all their rights and principally amending the Citizenship Law to give the right to the children of Bahraini spouses of foreigners to get a Bahraini passport.

Finally yet importantly, Alba Labour Union, stresses its complete solidarity with all the working women in the Kingdom of Bahrain. also, It defends their rights and demands to implement all the international agreements and treaties for women, which are against discrimination by gender, ethnicity and colour.


Alba Labour Union

December 1, 2016  


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